Welcome! My gallery is currently closed.

About My Gallery:
-sometimes on lj i will post an open gallery can take the form from here & comment there.
-sometimes the gallery might be open…youll have to come back & see, no announcements will be made.
-you can purchase gallery items by using the ‘add to cart’ button..checking out & commenting on the graphics pages.
-you can purchase gallery deals (listed below) & request multiple items for a low price.

Make a Gallery Request:
-select the items you wish to buy using the ‘add to cart’ button.
-copy the items form & paste it to that page as a new comment, or comment on the paid request page with them all.
-check out (using the shopping cart that is on the bottom of each page, it wont show up untill you select something) & make sure payment is sent.
-once payment is received i will contact you asap with your purchases.

Purchase Deals

Select one of these & save on gallery requests…

#1 Buy 6 Gallery Requests for $4.00

#2 Buy 9 Gallery Requests for $6.00

#3 Buy 12 Gallery Requests for $8.00

#4 Buy 15 Gallery Requests for $10.00

#5 Buy 20 Gallery Requests for $12.00

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