Kickin off The new Page

edit July 29th, 2011

Hey this is the new page for Rebecca’s Remains. Going to be a little slow on adding songs and videos because not all the member are together. shaun in afghanistan, chris in nc. but once we all get back together early next year expect alot of new songs and vids. we’ll be doin alot of shows and hope to have those recorded on here as well. Id like to personally thank Denise Brooks for hookin this site up for us. Id also love to thank all our friends that have been with us from the begining and supporting us at every turn!! i love you guys! Expect alot more from us! and feel free to leave comments and any type of critisism you feel the need too. and yes i know the songs arent the best sound quality, thats laptop recording for you lol. but that will all be fixed soon muahahahaha!!!

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