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(link) Happy New Year!! One of Honey’s resolutions is to start collecting her favorite things. She’s recently taken an interest in snow globes and wants to fill her shelves FULL of unique and pretty ones! Help her create a fabulous collection by adding your own snow globe to her shelf!

#17 (1/17/2011)

#166(1/17/2011) #139 (1/17/2011) #162 (1/18/2011)

thanks! #136

Lucky Clovers

(link) Feeling lucky?? Decorate a clover and trade them with your friends! This mini-activity only lasts two weeks, so you better hurry before all the leprechauns scamper away! :D


(link) Honey is broadening her culture awareness this month by recognizing the Japanese traditional custom of Hanami, when the beautiful flowers of local cherry blossom trees are enjoyed by all! Help Honey celebrate by decorating a paper fan with one or more cherry blossoms and however else you wish! :D

i votedBest Flower Design WinnerBest Pixeling WinnerMost Creative Winner


(link) The theme for August is STARS! Honey has been vacationing all summer and is winding down her whirlwind of fun by sitting back and gazing at the night sky. She wants to capture a bit of it’s beauty, so why not help her out by decorating a jar of stars to shine on her shelves? :3

my entryLollie #234 Diane #289 Christy #46 Karin #104#242

thanks for entering

Tea party

(link) In many parts of the world around this time, the weather is slowly getting chillier! Honey has decided to celebrate the beginning of this crisp season (or the end, whichever it is for you!) by throwing a tea party fit for a queen (or two)! ;) Decorate a teacup and submit it here to join her party!

my teacup Brittini #212Courtney #147Barbara #273Lollie #234Shawnna #14Misaki #262

Brittini #212Courtney #147

Shawnna #14Misaki #262


(link) Honey was recently attempting to whip up some witch’s brew and allowed a bee*friend a quick taste… and POOF!!! Her friend turned into a ZOM*BEE!!!! AHHH!!!!!!!! Join in the invasion by pixeling the spookiest, kookiest or freakiest zom*bee you can make!

My ZomBeeShawnna #14#160#136

Zom*Bee Antidote

(link) The Zom*bee Invasion is getting stronger and we need defense!! Quick, pixel jars of antidotes to hold off the invasion for as long as you can!!

My Antidote#14#136#220#254#227#147#212

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