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Kite Flying

kites 2012 Spring is around the bend for the hive and what a better way to enjoy the lovely weather than to fill the blue sky with lots of beautiful flying kites! Pixel up a creatively unique kite to send soaring through the skies!

Bliitz #297 Crystal #261 Manaka #54
i won 3rd place in three categories!
3rd Place Most Creative 3rd Place Best Pixeling 3rd Place Most Aerodynamic

Spring Flowers

spring flowers 2012 Flowers are blooming around the hive in the warm weather of Spring! Honey was buzzing around one day and got inspired by all the beautiful colors that are popping up everywhere. She decided to decorate the hive with lots of vibrant flowers! Help her fill up the garden by pixeling one of your own. :D

297 #238

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