mom and wife (12)

MY RULES: (for free graphics,free requests & paid requests)
always credit & [link back] to or bliitz@lj for graphics you get from me
upload graphics to your server & do not hotlink.
when requesting with images only supply large,clear,high quality ones.
if you request on lj & wish to use a graphic else where leave a comment asking to do so.
i usually wont animated unless its a paid request or if i feel like doing it.
Do not edit anything i make..if you want something changed or edited ask me to do it for you.
when choosing colors please no pastel or very light colors (white included).
If you are reading my rules to make a request from an offer of mine put your favorite color in place of your email on the request form OR where i asked if you’ve read my rules.
If you have any questions or comments please [contact me] or comment on the sidebar.

2 Responses to “mom and wife (12)”

  1. JESSICA says:

    i would love to know where u found those amazing textures n gradients i have been looking every where for good gradients and i havent found any yet i use photoshop plz i would love to know and thanks

  2. bliitz says:

    :) the gradients were mine & so was the texture i was thinking bout adding them as content but didnt think anyone would want em

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