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argument without pictures.

Posted by on June 20, 2012 at 1:41 am in personal

Same as before just in text and in order I hope :P

p.s. if anyone would like pictures of the proof email me at

[6/17/12 5:10:15 PM] Me: Hey love can u please not post anything that hints at our shop doing bad on Facebook. I don’t care that u asked if anyone was hiring just the this kinda blows part. Love u.

[6/17/12 5:12:35 PM] Diana Patterson: Well it fits blow that i have to look got another job not the shop blowing didn’t day anything about the shop blowing

[6/17/12 5:13:31 PM] Diana Patterson: Anyways gotta go

[6/17/12 5:15:36 PM] Me: Yes but you could say you are looking for a second job or another job. U don’t think what’s going on sucks for us just a little more? We don’t need anything more setting us back. So since we had a slow week you are quiting?

[6/17/12 5:18:23 PM] Diana Patterson: And josh isn’t getting paid right Soooo i’m not getting his rent and if that continues i will have to find s roommate that can pay rent

[6/17/12 5:19:04 PM] Diana Patterson: I have to find a way to pay bills it’s not that i dying want to work there or don’t like working there

[6/17/12 5:19:17 PM] Me: Ok then. See ya later.

[6/17/12 5:19:19 PM] Diana Patterson:

[6/17/12 5:20:22 PM] Diana Patterson: But if i an going to miss an entire summer with my children e working 6 days a week i should st least be able to party my bills and have spending money is all

[6/17/12 5:20:42 PM] Diana Patterson: Just because i’m looking for something to help me cover the difference….fine whatever bye

[6/17/12 5:23:16 PM] Diana Patterson: Thanks for being such an understanding friend guess i gotta start putting in apps tomorrow

[6/17/12 5:50:01 PM] Me: Yes and I can loose my place and my company. I still haven’t paid rent for this month and it’s almost over. I can’t even get my meds or Caleb’s or anything for Caleb’s birthday. Things are hard for everyone when things are slow not just you. Everyone struggles. And you are still my best friend and family. And I won’t fire you unless u openly diss our company on a public forum. Which you did not do and I am not at all accusing you of. But I am trying to stay positive. I am making up new flyers to go everywhere tomorrow to just put on cars and what not. I am trying to make things better. If I just sit here and worry then it will consume me. And I don’t have time for it. When we get business again I will let you know. Please don’t post anything on Facebook unless you would like to help us get business. Good luck on your job hunt.

[6/17/12 5:51:52 PM] Diana Patterson: Whatever you made your bed lie in it I’ll figure something out i guess i don’t need negatives and shit when all i’ve done is be your friend

[6/17/12 5:52:11 PM] Diana Patterson: You wanna try to hold my job over my head then fuck it i don’t want it

[6/17/12 5:52:42 PM] Diana Patterson: I’m sure the crack heads will keep your company running i don’t need my kids exposed to that anyway

[6/17/12 5:52:46 PM] Me: I just asked you to not post things on Facebook.

[6/17/12 5:55:22 PM] Me: Thanks for being a good friend and not being able to do one thing I asked. If you would have filled out an app u would have seen it on there what I asked of u. Everything I have done for you but you can just write me off like that. Because of something that takes no effort on ur part to do. That really hurts.

[6/17/12 5:56:51 PM] Diana Patterson: My status says nothing about the shop doing anything doesn’t even mention the shop so what the fuck ever it’s my Facebook

[6/17/12 5:57:22 PM] Diana Patterson: My profile doesn’t state that i work there either

[6/17/12 5:57:47 PM] Diana Patterson: According to my FB i work fit my friends band

[6/17/12 5:58:44 PM] Diana Patterson: So if my status says i need a new job and my FB says i work fit a band how fits that have to do with the shop

[6/17/12 5:58:44 PM] Diana Patterson: Riverside was never mentioned

[6/17/12 5:58:54 PM] Diana Patterson: Nor you or Todd

[6/17/12 5:59:55 PM] Diana Patterson:

[6/17/12 6:01:10 PM] Diana Patterson:

[6/17/12 6:07:36 PM] Me: Ok keep calling me names and swearing at me when I have done nothing of the sort to you. And if u want to get technical you have said on Facebook that I was you boss and many people know u work for me. If they go to my page they will see our company name. And you quit over this? You took this all where it did not need to go. I adore you but I won’t be called names and treated like a dog. I did a lot for you Diana. Even before we became good friends. And the sad part is I still would. Thank u for making me cry and hurting me. I’m sorry for asking a favor of you. I’m sorry my company is all I have. And I am trying to save it and you can see that.

[6/17/12 6:12:49 PM] Diana Patterson: Listen i only get half the texts you send to my phone and i ding feel like waiting 5 hours to figure out what you are saying Soooo um just gonna leave you alone

[6/17/12 6:13:30 PM] Me: Whatever

[6/17/12 6:14:42 PM] Diana Patterson: Whatever

[6/17/12 6:15:08 PM] Me: Guess u got that text just fine huh

[6/17/12 6:15:54 PM] Diana Patterson: When you send a two part text i only get the first part

[6/17/12 6:16:04 PM] Diana Patterson: I have told you that before

[6/17/12 6:16:40 PM] Diana Patterson: I will get the second part hours later and like 4 times

[6/17/12 6:16:56 PM] Me: Well idk then. I’m really hurt and don’t know what to say. I can’t see the screen.

[6/17/12 6:18:17 PM] Diana Patterson: Whatever you hurt me every time your mad our something doesn’t go your way then…just nvm forget it

[6/17/12 6:19:39 PM] Me: I hurt you by asking you to take something off fb. U hurt me by telling me I made my bed to go lie in it. And u made a post about me on fb that hurt

[6/17/12 6:20:07 PM] Me: And u called me a bitch. Please tell me how much I hurt you. Please!

[6/17/12 6:20:40 PM] Diana Patterson: I didn’t post about you on Facebook so what the fuck ever

[6/17/12 6:21:00 PM] Diana Patterson: Go look say my page tell me anywhere where you are mentioned

[6/17/12 6:21:19 PM] Me: Diana Patterson’s status:
that moment when you realize that everything someone “close” to you ever said was a bunch of bull shit lies…. well played my frie…

[6/17/12 6:21:36 PM] Me: So that wasn’t about me?

[6/17/12 6:22:13 PM] Me: Thank u for again swearing at me when I haven’t at you this entire convo.

[6/17/12 6:22:32 PM] Diana Patterson: Ooh yeah cuz you know exactly what’s going on on my life right now to assume that it’s about you

[6/17/12 6:22:35 PM] Diana Patterson: Maybe it shoulda been if you feel it was

[6/17/12 6:20:59 PM] Diana Patterson:

[6/17/12 6:23:41 PM] Me: I will fix them. I will try starting tomorrow. Today I am enjoying my kids and my husband.

[6/17/12 6:24:25 PM] Diana Patterson: Sooooi guess you wouldn’t know

[6/17/12 6:24:31 PM] Me: Funny how u posted it right after you blew up at me. And josh has anger problems?

[6/17/12 6:24:45 PM] Diana Patterson: Then again how could you know when i text you 9 out of ten times i don’t hear back from you and hardly see you to talk to you

[6/17/12 6:24:50 PM] Me: I know more than you think.

[6/17/12 6:25:27 PM] Diana Patterson: Yeah cuz i’m kinda dealing with other shit right now and no you don’t

[6/17/12 6:25:45 PM] Me: Because I am in pain and mentally ill. I sleep most of then time when I get really bad so I don’t kill myself.

[6/17/12 6:25:52 PM] Diana Patterson: Not about me

[6/17/12 6:26:28 PM] Diana Patterson: I don’t have anger problems i’m not mad everyday and yell at everyone and blah blah

[6/17/12 6:26:48 PM] Me: You blew this up for no reason.

[6/17/12 6:26:59 PM] Diana Patterson: If anything i oh nvm again doesn’t matter

[6/17/12 6:27:44 PM] Me: So why are u so mean when no one is attacking u?

[6/17/12 6:28:00 PM] Diana Patterson: Maybe i should just go kill myself the whole world would be better off…i’m tired of fighting for stupid bullshit that on the end never works anyway

[6/17/12 6:28:10 PM] Diana Patterson: Cya.kid

[6/17/12 6:28:26 PM] Me: Because you push everyone away.

[6/17/12 6:29:32 PM] Diana Patterson: I don’t push everyone away…only those i don’t need around or want

[6/17/12 6:29:58 PM] Diana Patterson: I haven’t pushed anyone away from me on s long time

[6/17/12 6:29:58 PM] Me: Thanks for making fun of my mental illness. Something that you don’t understand how bad it really is.

[6/17/12 6:31:28 PM] Me: If you are ok losing your supposed family over a post on Facebook then ok bye. But remember I would never do this to u. And I would do almost anything for u.

[6/17/12 6:35:46 PM] Diana Patterson: I want making fun of you but go ahead soon around to be about you….you know sometimes it’s not about you

[6/17/12 6:36:05 PM] Me: I love you and I wish you the best. You always have a job at the shop if you ever wish to come back. And if u ever need anything please call.

[6/17/12 6:36:07 PM] Diana Patterson: Sometimes it’s about other people and what they are going thru

[6/17/12 6:36:58 PM] Diana Patterson: Like me and my mental illness that i struggle with everyday with out meds….yep that’s not tiring st all

[6/17/12 6:37:24 PM] Diana Patterson: That doesn’t put any kind of strain on me…but thanks for asking how i am EVER

[6/17/12 6:38:19 PM] Me: I never said it wasn’t. You said something about killing ur self right after I did. Seemed like u were mocking me.

[6/17/12 6:38:30 PM] Diana Patterson: And it’s you doing this not me that post had nothing to do with you none of it mentioned the damn shop

[6/17/12 6:38:56 PM] Diana Patterson: You are just blowing it all up and out of proportion like you did with josh moving in

[6/17/12 6:39:07 PM] Me: Yep I never ask how u are. And u ask how I am all the time. Nobody is perfect Diana.

[6/17/12 6:40:02 PM] Diana Patterson: No just a fact that just because you cut yourself doesn’t make your mental illness worse than mine

[6/17/12 6:40:43 PM] Diana Patterson: I think about it every day and more often than not want to die i just fight it which takes miter out of a person than giving in

[6/17/12 6:40:59 PM] Diana Patterson: But you apparently don’t see it that way

[6/17/12 6:41:29 PM] Diana Patterson: And i do ask you you never answer my texts so whatever

[6/17/12 6:41:30 PM] Me: Wow what you can see has nothing to do with my illness? If you knew anything about mental illness you would know that. The worst is in my head. But I could careless who is worse cuz it all sucks

[6/17/12 6:41:39 PM] Diana Patterson: Out the phone when i call

[6/17/12 6:42:51 PM] Diana Patterson: Yeah but what i’m saying is i have to fight everyday to not allow myself to do what you do to yourself

[6/17/12 6:43:27 PM] Diana Patterson: A battle i lost momentarily earlier this year and struggling very hard not to again….PS you just sent a two part text

[6/17/12 6:43:33 PM] Me: You blew it out of proportion. I could understand this from a reg employee but from my best friend. I don’t get it.

[6/17/12 6:43:42 PM] Diana Patterson: I only got part one

[6/17/12 6:44:03 PM] Diana Patterson: But i cou…… Nothing after

[6/17/12 6:44:23 PM] Me: Well I can’t help it if your phone breaks it up. I try to make sure my phone says only one not two.

[6/17/12 6:45:00 PM] Me: Cutting is the least of what I go through daily.

[6/17/12 6:45:31 PM] Diana Patterson: What that i said “i think i need another job this kinda blows….anyone know of anywhere hiring close by me right now”

[6/17/12 6:46:11 PM] Diana Patterson: I didn’t say this job blows out the shop blows just that needing another job blows

[6/17/12 6:47:06 PM] Me: Yes we went over this. It makes us look like we suck cuz we are slow and losing employees.

[6/17/12 6:47:17 PM] Diana Patterson: Soooo why do you feel the need to tell me to take that down….an i not allowed to need more income…didn’t say business was bad nothing

[6/17/12 6:48:08 PM] Diana Patterson: I’m suck of people trying to have control over everything i do and hang shit over my head

[6/17/12 6:48:25 PM] Me: I can’t really break it down anymore. You can post whatever you want because you didn’t sign an app.

[6/17/12 6:48:42 PM] Me: You were never given an app cuz u are my friend.

[6/17/12 6:49:04 PM] Me: Nobody hung anything over your head.

[6/17/12 6:49:15 PM] Diana Patterson: I did sign an app….they made me

[6/17/12 6:49:25 PM] Diana Patterson: So so much got that right

[6/17/12 6:49:41 PM] Me: Well then you should of read the last paragraph.

[6/17/12 6:50:11 PM] Diana Patterson: And Marie had me in the system to be 1099 at the end of the year still don’t know if that got fixed but if not i’m fucked

[6/17/12 6:50:25 PM] Me: Diana I really don’t care anymore. My friendship to u is less then a stupid post on fb.


[6/17/12 6:51:03 PM] Me: Ur fucked? We should just pay u under the table just because?

[6/17/12 6:51:59 PM] Diana Patterson: Because that is what Todd told me he was doing so out didn’t fuck me…so i believed him

[6/17/12 6:52:19 PM] Me: Ok Diana. It’s the whole point. I mean less then a post. I’ve done anything and everything I could to help u out while worrying about everything in my life.

[6/17/12 6:53:16 PM] Diana Patterson: Yep i’ve done nothing

[6/17/12 6:53:22 PM] Me: Yes because u were part of our family. And even though at the end of the year how do we tell the IRS where the money went that we paid u.

[6/17/12 6:53:36 PM] Me: I didn’t say that.

[6/17/12 6:54:03 PM] Diana Patterson:

[6/17/12 6:54:22 PM] Diana Patterson: Well Eric and Quintin aren’t

[6/17/12 6:54:32 PM] Diana Patterson: But whatever screw your family

[6/17/12 6:54:52 PM] Me: Wow u are so sweet and kind.

[6/17/12 6:54:53 PM] Diana Patterson: Good luck with that

[6/17/12 6:55:37 PM] Me: I never said you didn’t do anything. Eric has been a family friend since Todd was a baby.

[6/17/12 6:56:12 PM] Me: And quinton idk has something to do with Marie. I don’t like it but some things I can’t change.

[6/17/12 6:56:22 PM] Me: As u have seen with Todd.

[6/17/12 6:58:11 PM] Me: Don’t throw coming in on Sunday’s at me and then complain about us being slow or u needing a job. Do u want the money when it’s there to make or not.

[6/17/12 6:58:54 PM] Me: Screw my family huh? I’m sure everyone will love to hear your sweet thoughts.

[6/17/12 6:59:35 PM] Diana Patterson: I’m done having this convo…and PS easy for you to say when you get to spend time with your children

[6/17/12 7:00:21 PM] Diana Patterson: No….not screw your family…i was talking about you screwing me oh just fucking forget it you keep reading shit wrong i’m done

[6/17/12 7:00:46 PM] Diana Patterson: Just add more i screw sure you read my post wrong too

[6/17/12 7:00:48 PM] Me: But whatever screw your family

[6/17/12 7:00:56 PM] Diana Patterson: React without thought

[6/17/12 7:01:06 PM] Diana Patterson: Good job

[6/17/12 7:01:09 PM] Me: Yep I read that totally wrong.

[6/17/12 7:01:25 PM] Me: Keep making fun of me and call me the bitch.

[6/17/12 7:02:44 PM] Diana Patterson: Yeah but whatever, screw your family was referring to me being constantly referred to as family and you screwing me

[6/17/12 7:02:47 PM] Me: I react without thought. Why don’t you start from the start of this convo and read down. Count how many times u blew up and how many times I did.

[6/17/12 7:02:54 PM] Diana Patterson: Go read it again

[6/17/12 7:03:04 PM] Me: I did

[6/17/12 7:04:04 PM] Me: Do u get pleasure out of making fun of me? And calling me names? Is that how u treat everyone u “care” about?

[6/17/12 7:04:06 PM] Diana Patterson: I did and you just keep reading shit wrong it’s not my fault you aren’t reading it right and i’m getting mad explaining the same shit over and over

[6/17/12 7:04:52 PM] Me: It’s not my fault u expect me to get the opposite meaning of screw your family. If u can’t finish what u r saying.

[6/17/12 7:04:58 PM] Me: Not my fault.

[6/17/12 7:05:18 PM] Me: I’m not dumb. I can read just fine.

[6/17/12 7:05:43 PM] Diana Patterson: You are being a Bitch and i’m not making fun of you so whatever

[6/17/12 7:06:06 PM] Me: React without though. Good job.

[6/17/12 7:06:48 PM] Me: Don’t talk down to me like ur god. That is making fun of me. Or trying to act like what u are calling me.

[6/17/12 7:07:04 PM] Me: You are ridiculous.

[6/17/12 7:07:05 PM] Diana Patterson: Omg i was talking about me i shoulda put family in “” since apparently i don’t fall into that category then

[6/17/12 7:07:20 PM] Diana Patterson: You are

[6/17/12 7:07:27 PM] Me: Lmao

[6/17/12 7:07:31 PM] Diana Patterson: You did when josh moved in here to

[6/17/12 7:08:12 PM] Diana Patterson: T you are telling me i have to take something off my Facebook that had nothing to do with you or the shop

[6/17/12 7:08:21 PM] Me: I asked u.

[6/17/12 7:08:30 PM] Me: I never told u anything.

[6/17/12 7:08:42 PM] Diana Patterson: Whatever then i’m Soooo ridiculous bye

[6/17/12 7:08:52 PM] Diana Patterson: T you are telling me i have to take something off my Facebook that had nothing to do with you or the shop

[6/17/12 7:08:55 PM] Me: The first text I sent u I asked u nicely.

[6/17/12 7:09:46 PM] Me: Wow u can’t handle being called ridiculous but u can call me all kinds of things and talk down to me.

[6/17/12 7:09:54 PM] Diana Patterson: Nicely on what deemed very sarcastic to me and like i said that post had nothing to do with you or the shop

[6/17/12 7:09:55 PM] Me: Hypocrite much?

[6/17/12 7:10:25 PM] Me: Really I’m always sarcastic when I say hey love….

[6/17/12 7:11:01 PM] Diana Patterson: Of anything is even to be made out about the shop in that post out is that out sucks i have to work more out get s different job

[6/17/12 7:11:15 PM] Me: Again thanks for our friendship meaning nothing more than the crap under ur shoe.

[6/17/12 7:11:52 PM] Diana Patterson: Whatever

[6/17/12 7:12:07 PM] Diana Patterson: No just not worth talking to you of what i day is Soooo ridiculous

[6/17/12 7:12:08 PM] Me: It’s the point of the matter. We mean nothing to you.

[6/17/12 7:12:28 PM] Diana Patterson: You’re making it that way

[6/17/12 7:12:54 PM] Me: You made it that way by telling me I made my bed to lie in it.

[6/17/12 7:13:03 PM] Me: By calling me a bitch.

[6/17/12 7:13:32 PM] Me: By hurting me n making me cry over a post on ur precious Facebook.

[6/17/12 7:13:46 PM] Diana Patterson: BECAUSE YOU ARE BEING A BITCH

[6/17/12 7:13:53 PM] Me: I feel like I am trash to u.

[6/17/12 7:14:07 PM] Me: How am I a bitch by asking u a favor?

[6/17/12 7:14:25 PM] Me: I’m such a horrible person I know.

[6/17/12 7:14:48 PM] Diana Patterson: Stop being a Bitch and then i won’t call you one you often are a Bitch to me and get all attitudy with me i usually ignore it…can’t today

[6/17/12 7:15:28 PM] Diana Patterson: You know why…no cuz you are too busy with you to think about what may be going on with someone you supposedly care about

[6/17/12 7:15:38 PM] Me: I get an attitude with mean heartless people. At least I am grown enough to not call my friends names because I’m mad.

[6/17/12 7:15:39 PM] Diana Patterson: Thanks for letting me know how much i really mean

[6/17/12 7:16:04 PM] Diana Patterson: Do whatever bye

[6/17/12 7:16:51 PM] Me: I care about u alot. That should be apparent by the way I don’t put u don’t or try to hurt u by calling u name.

[6/17/12 7:17:26 PM] Diana Patterson: No just mean and heartless…sorry rather be told i’m meeting a Bitch ATM bury you’re right i’m Soooo mean and so heartless

[6/17/12 7:17:42 PM] Diana Patterson: I don’t care about a good damn thing and more just one less thing i his worry about i guess

[6/17/12 7:18:17 PM] Diana Patterson: Being*

[6/17/12 7:18:21 PM] Me: Ok well then I’m glad to know how u really feel. Take care of yourself.

[6/17/12 7:33:45 PM] Me:

[6/17/12 7:34:55 PM] Me: There’s a picture incase it takes five hours for your phone.

[6/17/12 7:35:57 PM] Diana Patterson: Won’t let me down load it don’t know why got other pictures today

[6/17/12 7:37:16 PM] Me: It was ur comment on your urgent need a job post. This is what u signed incase u forgot. You can say u quit or whatever. But just don’t bad mouth the company

[6/17/12 7:37:24 PM] Diana Patterson: Got it and yeah apparently i am five by doing exactly what you asked lol

[6/17/12 7:37:50 PM] Diana Patterson: Bye

[6/17/12 7:37:56 PM] Me: Ur so funny Diana. As funny as u are mature.

[6/17/12 7:39:01 PM] Me: I hope u and ur precious Facebook have a long friendship and it can help u out when u need a hand.

[6/17/12 7:39:32 PM] Diana Patterson: By staying that it sucks i need another job…never even said i was quitting the shop duh

[6/17/12 7:39:53 PM] Diana Patterson: Buy i guess that’s bad mouthing the shop

[6/17/12 7:40:34 PM] Diana Patterson: Go bring your drama to someone else i’m too heartless and mean to care right

[6/17/12 7:41:02 PM] Me: I am telling u to not bad mouth it now that you quit. I never said u did. I said it could look bad. Funny how many people know I work for a detail shop.

[6/17/12 7:41:32 PM] Me: U show how u r. I just stated the obvious.

[6/17/12 7:43:29 PM] Diana Patterson: You’re right

[6/17/12 7:43:38 PM] Diana Patterson: You always are and always were Soooo leave me alone

[6/17/12 7:44:56 PM] Me: And ive never listened to u either. I’ve stated I love you and I care many times this convo. Have u?

[6/17/12 7:46:22 PM] Diana Patterson: You don’t love me words are empty actions speak and your actions are far louder than your words

[6/17/12 7:46:59 PM] Me: I gave u a job. I watched ur kids for free when I couldn’t even get off the couch I hurt so bad.

[6/17/12 7:47:19 PM] Me: I drove u everywhere. So did Todd.

[6/17/12 7:47:33 PM] Me: Nope no actions.

[6/17/12 7:47:46 PM] Diana Patterson:

[6/17/12 7:49:02 PM] Me: Not holding shit over your head just stating actions I’ve taken because I care about you. Wtf? Really.

[6/17/12 7:49:16 PM] Diana Patterson: I could sold then and paid a bill but you needed it so whatever I’ll take My heartless ness to someone that will appreciate it

[6/17/12 7:49:30 PM] Me: You can talk to me. You don’t need to talk to Todd about the shop.

[6/17/12 7:49:31 PM] Diana Patterson: How that I’ve only barely made twice add much on cash at the shop than what i have you guys in food stamps

[6/17/12 7:50:11 PM] Me: You could have sold what? Food stamps. Lol

[6/17/12 7:50:27 PM] Me: If the money’s so bad then leave.

[6/17/12 7:50:53 PM] Diana Patterson: Nope you are never there

[6/17/12 7:51:08 PM] Diana Patterson: And you obviously aren’t my friend

[6/17/12 7:51:29 PM] Me: Listen you quit.

[6/17/12 7:51:44 PM] Diana Patterson: Yeah my friend exchanges then got cash equal value

[6/17/12 7:52:05 PM] Diana Patterson: She is just spending cash on good and knows i need the cash but instead i spent then on you….k bye

[6/17/12 7:52:09 PM] Me: So u can ask for ur job back or not come in.

[6/17/12 7:52:45 PM] Me: Wow so cry some more on Facebook how u have no money to feed your kids n sell there food.

[6/17/12 7:52:56 PM] Diana Patterson: I will talk to Todd about it

[6/17/12 7:53:38 PM] Me: No u won’t. I will call the cops if you wanna play with me and come up there. I am blocking ur numbers from Todd’s phone.

[6/17/12 7:53:52 PM] Diana Patterson: That was before they shut them off

[6/17/12 7:54:12 PM] Me: You wanna talk about your old job then you can talk to me as I am also an owner.

[6/17/12 7:54:23 PM] Diana Patterson: I didn’t do shit with then last month but buy food and before that i gave then to you instead of selling them

[6/17/12 7:54:42 PM] Me: You will not talk to me like I’m a dog and then go talk to my husband behind my back.

[6/17/12 7:54:43 PM] Diana Patterson: Fine bye

[6/17/12 7:55:34 PM] Diana Patterson: Fuck you

[6/17/12 7:55:37 PM] Diana Patterson: Fuck you

[6/17/12 7:56:14 PM] Me: See I can be a bitch princess. Now I will give u a reason to treat me like trash.

[6/17/12 7:57:02 PM] Diana Patterson: Really so where did i say i quit

[6/17/12 7:57:22 PM] Diana Patterson: All i said was i was poking for ANOTHER job

[6/17/12 7:57:48 PM] Diana Patterson: Looking

[6/17/12 7:57:50 PM] Me: In the texts to me and u told Todd u won’t be seeing him Monday.

[6/17/12 7:58:59 PM] Diana Patterson: Yeah cuz you said see ya later

[6/17/12 7:59:15 PM] Diana Patterson: To me that means don’t bother so whatever never did i say i quit but whatever go do you

[6/17/12 7:59:21 PM] Me: So

[6/17/12 7:59:30 PM] Diana Patterson: I’ll do me now leave me alone

[6/17/12 8:04:37 PM] Diana Patterson: Just be glad i’m not the heartless Bitch you think i an and that this fight is ours and not about Todd and his company

[6/17/12 8:05:14 PM] Me: His company?? It’s ours. Not his.

[6/17/12 8:05:49 PM] Diana Patterson: Whatever helps you sleep at night

[6/17/12 8:07:32 PM] Me: And what do u have lmao? U know nothing about our shop or how it came to be. So go spend some time with ur kids or go for a bus ride n look for a job.

[6/17/12 8:08:27 PM] Diana Patterson: Bbb

[6/17/12 8:09:55 PM] Me: Bbb?

[6/17/12 8:31:51 PM] Diana Patterson: Lol

[6/17/12 8:34:15 PM] Diana Patterson:

[6/17/12 8:43:01 PM] Me: Fuck off. U quit. Stop harrasing me. Unless u want me to call the cops.

[6/17/12 8:44:08 PM] Diana Patterson: Call then I’ll call the BBB and a lawyer you will not fuck me and my kids over you do i will fuck you

[6/17/12 8:44:59 PM] Diana Patterson: Especially since i never quit read out whole convo and saved it ask i did was tell Todd i would not see him Monday

[6/17/12 8:45:13 PM] Me: Lmao. Go ahead with all your big bucks. You got paid everything you worked for. I’m sorry you cannot harass the boss and call her names.

[6/17/12 8:45:57 PM] Me: We are too slow and we don’t need you at the moment. We will call when we pick up. Thank you :)

[6/17/12 8:47:12 PM] Diana Patterson: You are running your shop illegally i already talked to people and made one call so ok do that

[6/17/12 8:47:58 PM] Diana Patterson: Good luck keeping YOUR shop

[6/17/12 8:48:06 PM] Me: Ok I’ll make a call to cps about ur discusting home. And show them the texts about you knowing how to sell your foodstamps.

[6/17/12 8:48:22 PM] Me: Good luck keeping YOUR kids.

[6/17/12 8:48:28 PM] Diana Patterson: You just made it personal

[6/17/12 8:49:56 PM] Me: No u did. My shop is fucking personal. That’s how my fucking kids eat bitch.

[6/17/12 8:50:11 PM] Diana Patterson: Kk good luck keeping yours lol with all the texts i have from you lol

[6/17/12 8:50:40 PM] Me: You treat me like trash then threaten me to get it back.

[6/17/12 8:50:42 PM] Diana Patterson: And haha jokes on you i cleaned my house Last week when my Dad finally got all his crap outta here and i have room for stuff lol

[6/17/12 8:50:52 PM] Diana Patterson: Good luck with that

[6/17/12 8:50:56 PM] Me: No it doesn’t work that way.

[6/17/12 8:51:23 PM] Diana Patterson: Also good luck with your BBB investigation after i got off the phone with them about pay rates in Michigan

[6/17/12 8:51:24 PM] Me: U would have to burn ur house down for it to be clean.

[6/17/12 8:51:43 PM] Diana Patterson: You never had us sign a damn thing about independent contracting

[6/17/12 8:51:44 PM] Me: Ur not paid hour dumbass.

[6/17/12 8:51:56 PM] Me: Yes u did. Lmfao. Wow

[6/17/12 8:52:34 PM] Diana Patterson: And even if we would have you have to pay us minimum wage we never signed anything saying we were paid by the job

[6/17/12 8:53:00 PM] Diana Patterson: And no i didn’t moron

[6/17/12 8:53:15 PM] Diana Patterson: And you still have to make sure the pay equals out to minimum wage

[6/17/12 8:54:00 PM] Me: Hmmm have u ever got a check? I don’t think I’ve even seen u there in the last 6 months. I’ll have to check my books.

[6/17/12 8:54:01 PM] Diana Patterson: Look it up i talked to the BBB didn’t give then names but explained the situation and that you are firing me because of this which is also illegal

[6/17/12 8:54:11 PM] Me: I know u visit n sit on the couch.

[6/17/12 8:54:17 PM] Me: But work no.

[6/17/12 8:54:22 PM] Diana Patterson: Soooo like i said good luck with that

[6/17/12 8:54:53 PM] Diana Patterson: Since there is no negotiating with you I’ll just call them back in the am

[6/17/12 8:55:18 PM] Diana Patterson: Make sure you tell your business partner

[6/17/12 8:55:23 PM] Me: You quit but like I said i don’t remember u working. I’ll have to ask the other employees.

[6/17/12 8:55:42 PM] Me: He knows. He says he hasn’t seen u either.

[6/17/12 8:56:20 PM] Me: From my business partner- She dose not even work for us. Bye the law stand point she is under the table as of her asking

[6/17/12 8:57:21 PM] Diana Patterson: Go ahead ask them are they going to purger themselves in court seeing how FB has trackable posts….you are not the law and know nothing deal with bbb

[6/17/12 8:58:43 PM] Diana Patterson: My kids are personal and you are fucking with them and i won’t let you go be a psycho Bitch somewhere else

[6/17/12 8:58:45 PM] Me: You wanna try to hold my job over my head then fuck it i don’t want it

[6/17/12 8:59:00 PM] Me: There is where u quit. :)

[6/17/12 8:59:59 PM] Me: Lmao. He instead of tanning all the time maybe u should get some food. Or Jude some clothes that fit.

[6/17/12 9:01:07 PM] Me: I’ll call the bbb when it’s actual normal business hours not a sun when they are not open ;)

[6/17/12 9:01:22 PM] Diana Patterson: Omg like i said had you asked me what happened to day or what that post was about you would know

[6/17/12 9:01:49 PM] Me: You sent that to me in a text crazy one.

[6/17/12 9:02:02 PM] Diana Patterson: But you didn’t so you wouldn’t know that miles mom mailed him papers with the number top the green card on it and he drained almost 200 of it

[6/17/12 9:02:23 PM] Diana Patterson: Which that post was about mike and his mother not you but did you ask no

[6/17/12 9:02:27 PM] Me: Um ok?

[6/17/12 9:02:44 PM] Me: What r u even talking about??

[6/17/12 9:03:04 PM] Diana Patterson: Which is also why i said i needed a second job cuz i knew out was slew at the shop and was counting on that money to help make the difference

[6/17/12 9:03:16 PM] Me: Ok?

[6/17/12 9:03:50 PM] Diana Patterson: Bury do ask no you just went on assuming and having an attitude thinking i was talking about you out mouthing the company which never happened

[6/17/12 9:04:26 PM] Diana Patterson: You just read what you want and assume what you want Soooo whatever “friend” have a great life

[6/17/12 9:04:36 PM] Me: Hunny u need some help or something. Cuz I’m not following the crazy.

[6/17/12 9:04:53 PM] Me: Mmkay bye.

[6/17/12 9:06:19 PM] Diana Patterson: There is a24 hour line on the BBB lol

[6/17/12 9:06:29 PM] Me: K bye

[6/17/12 9:08:07 PM] Diana Patterson: And the crazy? I was just answering a text but who knows could been forever ago you sent it

[6/17/12 9:08:49 PM] Me: U should get a new phone with all ur big bucks from tanning and selling food stamps.

[6/17/12 9:09:34 PM] Diana Patterson: Omg again i just got a million messages this is why i told you earlier i didn’t want to talk in texts but you just don’t listen we

[6/17/12 9:09:49 PM] Me: Ok bye

[6/17/12 9:53:49 PM] Me: I would never call cps on u or anything else for that matter. Just wanted to let u know. I shouldn’t have said that I was mad.

[6/17/12 9:55:54 PM] Diana Patterson: You said what you said more i’m busy downing what short tome I’ll have with my kids with them outside catching fireflies Soooo bye

[6/17/12 9:59:28 PM] Diana Patterson: Now i’m busy spending what short time

[6/18/12 1:00:09 AM] Me: I told you hours ago all u had to do was ask for your job back not threaten me and post on Facebook like a child.

[6/18/12 1:00:27 AM] Me: Don’t quit jobs if u need tanning money so bad.

[6/18/12 1:01:00 AM] Me: If u talk about me behind my back why don’t u say it to my face??

[6/18/12 1:01:25 AM] Me: You act like u are in high school.

[6/18/12 1:01:46 AM] Me: Drama drama. Post every detail about my life on Facebook.

[6/18/12 1:02:20 AM] Me: Deal with shit like an adult.

[6/18/12 1:02:57 AM] Me: All the energy you put into posting shit and talking behind my back and threatening our shop.

[6/18/12 1:03:20 AM] Me: You could have been filling out apps. Or asking for your job back.

[6/18/12 1:03:38 AM] Me: All you had to do was ask not demand.

[6/18/12 1:03:28 AM] Diana Patterson:

[6/18/12 1:03:47 AM] Me: Or threaten me.

[6/18/12 1:04:12 AM] Me: I thought ur ex was in jail.

[6/18/12 1:04:22 AM] Me: Say the shit to my face

[6/18/12 1:04:23 AM] Diana Patterson: How do you know what i’ve done lazy

[6/18/12 1:04:47 AM] Me: Right let’s see how long it takes u to get a job.

[6/18/12 1:05:14 AM] Me: Lemme guess ur gonna use Todd and Josh’s friend for rides.

[6/18/12 1:05:16 AM] Diana Patterson:

[6/18/12 1:05:30 AM] Me: Why don’t u tell josh how u really feel about him.

[6/18/12 1:06:01 AM] Me: So he stops asking me what he can do. Todd says u flirt with him at work all the time.

[6/18/12 1:06:21 AM] Me: But then u tell me u don’t like him at all.

[6/18/12 1:06:31 AM] Diana Patterson: You said i wasn’t to so fuck you you back stabbing lying piece and go ahead say what you will to josh he and i had a long talk last night

[6/18/12 1:07:20 AM] Me: Todd read ur text. And he said u quit. And if u do talk to Todd he will tell u to talk to me. We have talked and he read everything.

[6/18/12 1:07:23 AM] Diana Patterson: I told him i don’t like him like that that he is just my friend that i can’t get past Brian right now and that i’m not going to date him

[6/18/12 1:07:39 AM] Me: Finally.

[6/18/12 1:07:51 AM] Me: I’m not gonna say shit to him

[6/18/12 1:08:02 AM] Me: I never said that lmao wow.

[6/18/12 1:08:14 AM] Diana Patterson: Josh said that’s fine he just wanted to get laid anyway cuz i’m the hottest chick he thinks he could every hook up with

[6/18/12 1:08:50 AM] Diana Patterson: I told him o don’t want him acting jealous of Brian he said he isn’t

[6/18/12 1:09:00 AM] Diana Patterson: So josh does know how i feel thanks

[6/18/12 1:09:30 AM] Me: Good I’m glad josh finally got told the truth. He’s been begging Todd n me to tell him.

[6/18/12 1:09:56 AM] Me: But unlike u I don’t talk about my friends behind their back.

[6/18/12 1:09:57 AM] Diana Patterson:

[6/18/12 1:10:37 AM] Diana Patterson: Funny thing is i told josh before i didn’t want to date him he just didn’t listen….i made sure he listened LSAT night

[6/18/12 1:10:40 AM] Me: Even if they piss me the fuck off I still will not diss them like that EVER

[6/18/12 1:11:13 AM] Diana Patterson: I’m talking to your gave behind your back would be where you can’t see hear or read it

[6/18/12 1:11:15 AM] Me: Nope that’s not what u said I sent u the text.

[6/18/12 1:11:23 AM] Diana Patterson: I would have blocked you from my page of i was taking behind your back

[6/18/12 1:11:54 AM] Diana Patterson: Whatever goodnight

[6/18/12 1:11:59 AM] Diana Patterson: Good luck

[6/18/12 1:12:00 AM] Me: Your still trying to tell everyone how I am trash. And how I’ll see soon enough.

[6/18/12 1:12:09 AM] Me: Who does that?

[6/18/12 1:12:57 AM] Me: It is behind my back if ur not talking directly to me.

[6/18/12 1:13:31 AM] Diana Patterson: Really i called you trash? Where exactly did i call you trash?…i think you are reading things wrong

[6/18/12 1:13:35 AM] Me: You can’t even grow up enough to quit acting like this and ask for ur job back.

[6/18/12 1:13:51 AM] Me: U are making me LOOK like trash.

[6/18/12 1:14:11 AM] Me: I haven’t posted anything about u. And I won’t.

[6/18/12 1:14:28 AM] Diana Patterson: I have no desire to talk to you you are not a friend you are bring a Bitch about a post that had nothing to do with you our your dumb shop

[6/18/12 1:14:32 AM] Me: You’d rather be right then have a job.

[6/18/12 1:14:54 AM] Diana Patterson: I cannot make you look like anything more out less than you are

[6/18/12 1:14:55 AM] Me: I just asked u and u could have just said no.

[6/18/12 1:15:08 AM] Me: Same goes for you.

[6/18/12 1:15:30 AM] Me: You didn’t have to act like u lost ur mind.

[6/18/12 1:15:49 AM] Diana Patterson: You should read what someone who is on your friends list write to me far before i posted anything about you on my wall

[6/18/12 1:16:38 AM] Me: So good for u Diana. U win. Everyone loves u and everyone hates me. Is that what u want me to know?

[6/18/12 1:16:53 AM] Diana Patterson:

[6/18/12 1:17:11 AM] Me: Ok I know. I know I am alone. Whatever. U win.

[6/18/12 1:17:43 AM] Me: What does that have to do with anything.

[6/18/12 1:17:48 AM] Me: I’m lost.

[6/18/12 1:18:33 AM] Me: Could u tell me who so I could delete them?

[6/18/12 1:19:04 AM] Diana Patterson: Far from…everyone didn’t love me…i don’t let just anyone love me…..he is in jail he loaded money on to his commissary duh

[6/18/12 1:19:22 AM] Me: I’ve lived my life with everyone pretending to like me. It’s not any news to me at all.

[6/18/12 1:20:05 AM] Me: Duh? How am I supposed to know that? I don’t know anyone who has been in jail?

[6/18/12 1:20:16 AM] Diana Patterson:

[6/18/12 1:20:41 AM] Diana Patterson: I always stood up fort you and had your back when people talked shitty but fuck it

[6/18/12 1:21:07 AM] Diana Patterson: That’s what i get whatever good night good bye good luck

[6/18/12 1:21:19 AM] Me: Whatever. You said on ur Facebook u should have listened to everyone else :(

[6/18/12 1:22:44 AM] Diana Patterson: Yeah i should have instead of sticking up for you but you proved today that what they said was true so like i said good night d good bye and good luck

[6/18/12 1:22:52 AM] Me: Please don’t go… I don’t have anyone else to talk to.. I don’t want to do anything dumb. Nevermind I am stupid. Bye. If u need a reference lemme know.

[6/18/12 1:23:30 AM] Me: You did too Diana. Not just me. Can’t u ever admit when u hurt someone?

[6/18/12 1:23:44 AM] Me: It wasn’t just me.

[6/18/12 1:24:27 AM] Diana Patterson: I said to stop being a Bitch

[6/18/12 1:24:49 AM] Me: Probably everyone keeps me on as entertainment. Sounds like something Todd would say.

[6/18/12 1:25:18 AM] Diana Patterson: So what we are women we a all are bitchy sometimes get over it….but i’m heartless Soooo i guess that means i don’t care what you do to yourself anymore

[6/18/12 1:25:39 AM] Me: I fucking hate who I am. So does everyone else.

[6/18/12 1:25:54 AM] Diana Patterson: Or what anyone says about you

[6/18/12 1:26:14 AM] Diana Patterson: Or if you have food

[6/18/12 1:26:15 AM] Me: I wish I could get over it. But when it’s everyone ur whole life it’s hard.

[6/18/12 1:27:31 AM] Diana Patterson: Or like last week when i told Todd that if his insurance didn’t kick on I’d get his meds…before my ex took the money

[6/18/12 1:27:41 AM] Diana Patterson: Yep heartless

[6/18/12 1:28:12 AM] Me: Todd’s meds? He don’t have any. Caleb has a med that helps him calm down.

[6/18/12 1:28:41 AM] Me: So everyone will stop yelling at him.

[6/18/12 1:29:11 AM] Me: I’ve been told a thousand times that I gave him autism in womb.

[6/18/12 1:29:13 AM] Diana Patterson: He said something about not being able to get a script it was 40 bucks

[6/18/12 1:29:26 AM] Me: It breaks my heart so badly.

[6/18/12 1:29:42 AM] Me: Caleb’s is 200. Mine is 40.

[6/18/12 1:30:00 AM] Diana Patterson: And i didn’t even yell at him when he hit Codi in the head with something that could of killed her Soooo whatever

[6/18/12 1:30:20 AM] Me: I’m sorry. I didn’t mean u yell at him.

[6/18/12 1:30:25 AM] Me: Kermit does.

[6/18/12 1:30:54 AM] Me: He’s big I can’t just keep him home and I don’t know what to do. He’s my baby.

[6/18/12 1:31:11 AM] Me: I can’t put him in a home like everyone tells me too.

[6/18/12 1:31:26 AM] Diana Patterson: Right cuz i’m not everyone i’m no one

[6/18/12 1:32:10 AM] Me: No it’s Kermit. I’m sorry I’m not wording everything perfectly. I’m kinda a mess.

[6/18/12 1:32:40 AM] Me: I wish I was dead.

[6/18/12 1:32:57 AM] Me: I think everyone would be alot happier…

[6/18/12 1:33:33 AM] Me: Todd deserves do caleb n lukas..

[6/18/12 1:34:35 AM] Me: Just like corin not being able to stand me and ive never said more than five words to the girl. How do i even have a chance when people judge me so quickly?

[6/18/12 1:35:23 AM] Me: Caleb is nine today and I can’t even get him a cake. or his stupid lego thing.

[6/18/12 1:36:23 AM] Diana Patterson: I should been quicker to judge before i allowed you in far enough to hurt me but damage is done lessons were learned

[6/18/12 1:37:22 AM] Me: yea you should have and im sorry. but u don’t have to worry about me fucking things up anymore.

[6/18/12 1:39:18 AM] Diana Patterson: I doubt that goodnight i have to get up early i have lots of things to figure out tomorrow to try to keep my family together

[6/18/12 1:39:48 AM] Diana Patterson: No doubt more of my hair will fall out thanks

[6/18/12 1:40:17 AM] Me: goodnight. i love you and im am sorry for everything. goodbye.

[6/18/12 1:41:41 AM] Diana Patterson: Love you too bye

[6/18/12 2:11:10 AM] Me: I don’t want to hurt you or Todd’s company so if ud like until u find something better you can come back. If you want. But please tell me if u are.

[6/18/12 2:11:24 AM] Me: You don’t have to forgive or talk to me.

[6/18/12 2:11:38 AM] Me: I just don’t want to hurt everyone.

[6/18/12 2:11:50 AM] Me: ESP the kids. I can’t do it.

[6/18/12 2:12:25 AM] Me: Todd is freaking out n I can’t hurt him either.

[6/18/12 2:14:19 AM] Me: I’m trying to help him save it and then I’ll just leave it alone so everyone’s happy.

[6/18/12 2:14:30 AM] Me: It’s for the best.

[6/18/12 8:53:32 AM] Diana Patterson: I have cake mix might have icing i think i have candles somewhere not sure

[6/18/12 8:56:06 AM] Diana Patterson: But josh already left for the shop so can’t give them to him to take to Todd sorry hope his bday goes ok

[6/18/12 8:56:17 AM] Me: Are u serious omg I’ve been fighting with Todd for hours about this. Omg. Omg. I can have it????

[6/18/12 8:56:33 AM] Me: Can I come get it? What kind?

[6/18/12 8:58:03 AM] Diana Patterson: Red velvet cake and dark chocolate fudge icing

[6/18/12 9:00:22 AM] Me: Ill have Todd pick it up instead. I know u are mad at me. And I just want to make Caleb’s birthday special.

[6/18/12 9:04:23 AM] Diana Patterson: Whatevers clever

[6/18/12 9:05:24 AM] Diana Patterson: When’s that gonna be cuz i got a lot to do today

[6/18/12 9:06:02 AM] Me: Idk yet. I’m trying to get ahold of Todd.

[6/18/12 9:07:16 AM] Diana Patterson: Ok well i his go get my kids dressed his walk up town Soooo let me know when you figure it out

[6/18/12 9:07:51 AM] Me: I will as soon as I talk to him.

[6/18/12 9:31:11 AM] Diana Patterson: Did you get ahold of him yet

[6/18/12 9:42:04 AM] Me: I guess Todd’s dad has a couple dollars for Todd to get a cake. But thank u so much for ur offer.

[6/18/12 9:42:47 AM] Diana Patterson: Yep k

[6/18/12 9:55:47 AM] Me: We just got a new dealership. One car for now today to see how we do and then more from then on.

[6/18/12 9:56:18 AM] Me: Todd is going to earls to beg for that 1400 so people can get paid for those cars.

[6/18/12 9:56:37 AM] Me: And after they pay they have five cars for us.

[6/18/12 9:56:44 AM] Me: If ur interested.

[6/18/12 9:58:01 AM] Me: I wanted to print up flyers n drive around today with u and u could even put in apps at places if u wanted? This was before the huge fight :(

[6/18/12 9:58:47 AM] Me: It’s so pretty out. My baby is 9. We are picking up. And the more we get out there the better we will do.

[6/18/12 9:59:26 AM] Me: I bet if u wanted u could talk to snuggle boy and he could get us a lot of cars from his dad.

[6/18/12 10:00:05 AM] Me: I also have Valium if u need some for ur anxiety. It’s the only med I could get. My other is too much.

[6/18/12 10:00:27 AM] Diana Patterson: Who? Must be Richard lol

[6/18/12 10:00:43 AM] Me: I don’t want to be stuck with the ugly girl there.

[6/18/12 10:00:57 AM] Me: I want my beautiful best friend.

[6/18/12 10:01:15 AM] Me: Yes he would do anything for u haha.

[6/18/12 10:01:54 AM] Me: “don’t give anyone free tats” as I’m tattooing u for free. And making it look like crappp

[6/18/12 10:02:09 AM] Diana Patterson: Yeah ok whatever you wanna do today if it helps Todd get his shop going

[6/18/12 10:02:38 AM] Me: Our shop. It’s a family shop.

[6/18/12 10:02:49 AM] Me: Including u. Biatch.

[6/18/12 10:03:40 AM] Me: Well hubby took my car to earls cuz it would be best on gas. Do u have any dollars or cents for gas.

[6/18/12 10:04:18 AM] Me: You have to say u love me first.

[6/18/12 10:04:32 AM] Diana Patterson: His shop your shop…you are one in the same

[6/18/12 10:05:03 AM] Diana Patterson: Um not really but i can scrounge up something

[6/18/12 10:05:13 AM] Diana Patterson: Love you

[6/18/12 10:05:14 AM] Me: Or I’ll call Richard n tell him ur just wounded by love and u adore him so much but u can’t say.

[6/18/12 10:05:23 AM] Me: Hehe.

[6/18/12 10:05:51 AM] Me: Are u still mad at me?

[6/18/12 10:06:55 AM] Diana Patterson: Ewwww

[6/18/12 10:07:42 AM] Diana Patterson: Come get me and the kids and we will go talk to some people

[6/18/12 10:07:57 AM] Diana Patterson: Idk what to wear

[6/18/12 10:10:48 AM] Me: If I had my car I would. Can I call this would be easier

[6/18/12 10:12:13 AM] Diana Patterson: Take Todd s car get us go to the shop and get your car

[6/18/12 10:12:32 AM] Me: In tryin

[6/18/12 11:07:52 AM] Me: He took his stupid keys or I would. Trying to see if he’s at the shop yet.

[6/18/12 11:09:04 AM] Diana Patterson: Trying to find a ride in no one is answering texts

[6/18/12 11:09:14 AM] Diana Patterson: Or calls

[6/18/12 11:09:27 AM] Me: Typical lol

[6/18/12 11:10:06 AM] Diana Patterson: Yep

[6/18/12 11:13:10 AM] Diana Patterson: Ok i just got the texts from you did you even send any right now our are they old

[6/18/12 11:13:38 AM] Me: Um I just wrote typical.

[6/18/12 11:15:32 AM] Diana Patterson: See lol that’s why i hate having any real convo in a text cuz i got r u mad at me, i want my beautiful best friend and one about Richard fucking up my tat

[6/18/12 11:16:18 AM] Me: Lol wow yea that was awhile ago.

[6/18/12 11:17:04 AM] Diana Patterson: Yeah see i wasnt kidding

[6/18/12 11:18:01 AM] Me: Ok I hope u get this we only got one today do Todd didn’t want u to waste ur time John has five cars for us tomorrow. So def tomorrow. And if we get money from earl josh will get paid.

[6/18/12 11:19:32 AM] Diana Patterson: Damn almost had a ride lol

[6/18/12 11:20:39 AM] Me: Well u can go if u want. Maybe u can sneak in and help. U and josh do have first picks. Sooo idk I’m not there so idk. Lol

[6/18/12 11:38:04 PM] Me: hows brain doin?

[6/18/12 11:38:57 PM] Diana Patterson: Ok

[6/18/12 11:39:18 PM] Diana Patterson: He started working again today that’s good

[6/18/12 11:39:19 PM] Me: just ok :/

[6/18/12 11:39:27 PM] Me: yay!!!

[6/18/12 11:40:50 PM] Diana Patterson: Well he is happy i got his vics and wishes he could see me right now but has to work early

[6/18/12 11:42:17 PM] Me: hey tood would gladly talk some hes in pain with nothing until the 1st :/

[6/18/12 11:43:23 PM] Diana Patterson: They are 4 bucks a piece Brian bought them or i would

[6/18/12 11:44:05 PM] Diana Patterson: I just get them from someone i know but he buys them

[6/18/12 11:44:07 PM] Me: damn he bought them all…well lemme know next time if u can?

[6/18/12 11:45:01 PM] Me: what kinda vics are they

[6/18/12 11:45:31 PM] Diana Patterson: No he didn’t but she has other customers i can ask if she still has some ….. Watsons

[6/18/12 11:45:35 PM] Me: we soulda went for ur overay problems the other day

[6/18/12 11:46:07 PM] Me: that would be great. he has nothing crpt tramadol which does nothing for him

[6/18/12 11:46:32 PM] Me: did todd tell u?!?!??!?!

[6/18/12 11:46:44 PM] Me: the crackheads quittttt

[6/18/12 11:47:45 PM] Diana Patterson: Well i still gotta get in to the doc about my wrists and back and shit and i told you dork when you called

[6/18/12 11:48:10 PM] Diana Patterson: Josh told me

[6/18/12 11:49:11 PM] Me: ahh well i have zero gas so if u want went i can i can take u. todd used to damn car today.

[6/18/12 11:49:22 PM] Me: i cant wait for carssss tomorrow

[6/18/12 11:50:59 PM] Diana Patterson: Okies sounds good

[6/18/12 11:51:28 PM] Me: r u coming in tomorrow with josh?

[6/18/12 11:52:21 PM] Diana Patterson: Yeah lol duh

[6/18/12 11:52:36 PM] Me: u and ur duh woman

[6/18/12 11:52:40 PM] Me: :P

[6/18/12 11:53:09 PM] Me: so are we friends or work peoples???

[6/18/12 11:53:23 PM] Diana Patterson: Lol

[6/18/12 11:55:41 PM] Diana Patterson: Duh

[6/18/12 11:56:12 PM] Diana Patterson: If i want your friend i wouldn’t talk to you unless it dealt with work

[6/18/12 11:56:28 PM] Me: im gonna give u a shot of whiksey every time u say DUHHHH

[6/18/12 11:56:58 PM] Diana Patterson: Duh duh

[6/18/12 11:57:00 PM] Me: aww well i guess thats as sweet as diana will get so ill talk it.

[6/18/12 11:57:16 PM] Me: im gonna have to by a big bottle

[6/18/12 11:57:18 PM] Diana Patterson: Duh duh duh

[6/18/12 11:57:21 PM] Me: take*

[6/18/12 11:57:26 PM] Me: dork

[6/18/12 11:58:00 PM] Me: so if i called u last night this craziness could have ebeen a lot less

[6/18/12 11:58:40 PM] Diana Patterson: PROBABLY

[6/18/12 11:58:58 PM] Me: yellingggg

[6/18/12 11:59:05 PM] Diana Patterson: :P

[6/18/12 11:59:18 PM] Me: im going to bite u on ur ass when i see u tomorrow

[6/19/12 12:00:07 AM] Diana Patterson: Sweet

[6/19/12 12:00:24 AM] Me: i knew ud like it

[6/19/12 12:00:59 AM] Diana Patterson: Ooh Todd told josh i was offended that he said he just wanted to get laid and he came home and apologized

[6/19/12 12:02:09 AM] Me: hmm idk he never told me. ive talk to todd weeks ago that u just wanted to have fun n be single

[6/19/12 12:02:10 AM] Diana Patterson: I told him i wasn’t offended because i knew it want true anyways

[6/19/12 12:02:34 AM] Me: ill talk to todd ahhhhgain

[6/19/12 12:02:39 AM] Me: u know guys

[6/19/12 12:02:45 AM] Me: they r slow

[6/19/12 12:03:32 AM] Diana Patterson: Lol

[6/19/12 12:04:02 AM] Me: todd has no problem with u coming back cuz hes all like its better u guys. but what corin said. no he doesnt want someone who cant stand me working there.

[6/19/12 12:04:13 AM] Me: i guess she never technically worked there

[6/19/12 12:04:22 AM] Me: but we helping stephen

[6/19/12 12:04:28 AM] Diana Patterson: Yeah but josh said he wouldn’t mind getting laid but if he didn’t like me like me it wouldn’t have happened lol

[6/19/12 12:04:34 AM] Me: between***

[6/19/12 12:04:48 AM] Me: lol

[6/19/12 12:05:30 AM] Diana Patterson: But knows i like Brian blah blah so whatever he said haha

[6/19/12 12:05:41 AM] Me: well good

[6/19/12 12:05:53 AM] Me: at least he finally got it

[6/19/12 12:06:31 AM] Diana Patterson: Lol is Stephen still gonna work there

[6/19/12 12:07:32 AM] Me: todd says he will talk to him. n knowing stephen he will be pissed at what she said. i could careless. but i would have disresect in my shop

[6/19/12 12:07:38 AM] Me: neither will todd

[6/19/12 12:08:39 AM] Diana Patterson: Well if it didn’t work with me and Brian….i hope it does…..i will probably go with josh but Brian would have to really fuck up

[6/19/12 12:09:24 AM] Me: im online if its easier to talk there…up to u dont matter

[6/19/12 12:09:30 AM] Diana Patterson: Yeah well i can tell you you’re being a Bitch cuz i’m your friend it’s my God given right to let you know

[6/19/12 12:10:16 AM] Diana Patterson: Phones fine

[6/19/12 12:10:30 AM] Me: yea well not a person ive said five words to to say oh i cant stand that girl…amoung other things.

[6/19/12 12:10:35 AM] Me: what is that

[6/19/12 12:11:02 AM] Me: she doesnt even technically work there.

[6/19/12 12:11:18 AM] Diana Patterson: Then i don’t have to sit at my desk…

[6/19/12 12:11:49 AM] Diana Patterson: Yeah i don’t know exactly why she doesn’t like you except she thinks you’re a Bitch

[6/19/12 12:12:04 AM] Me: U need a laptop. If Caleb didnt break mind I would have give it to u.

[6/19/12 12:12:14 AM] Diana Patterson: I never cared to talk about it really

[6/19/12 12:12:30 AM] Diana Patterson: Doesn’t matter to me anyways

[6/19/12 12:13:06 AM] Diana Patterson: Yeah i do…maybe if i can find a pastime second job and things pick up st the shop

[6/19/12 12:13:28 AM] Me: well when u guys talked back and forth it hurt. esp it was public and corin know nothin about me.

[6/19/12 12:13:46 AM] Diana Patterson: I gotta make an eye doc appt soon i found out my health care plan covers optical and dental

[6/19/12 12:14:26 AM] Me: thats aweseome. i can’t do to my therapist or psych till who knows

[6/19/12 12:14:32 AM] Me: im so upset

[6/19/12 12:15:04 AM] Diana Patterson: That sucks

[6/19/12 12:15:40 AM] Me: I’ve never been able to get caleb only a cake for his birthday. this movie he came in my room and said I’m not getting a birthday present am i mama :(

[6/19/12 12:15:50 AM] Me: what do i say to that

[6/19/12 12:16:52 AM] Diana Patterson: I’ll get him a later one but gotta save money for rent and bills first

[6/19/12 12:16:54 AM] Me: all he wanted was a lego set to buy with dad

[6/19/12 12:17:25 AM] Me: oh hun u don’t have to. its my responsibility.

[6/19/12 12:17:33 AM] Diana Patterson: Just tell him you gots wait a few Weeks but he will …tell him you ordered it online

[6/19/12 12:17:35 AM] Me: I’m sure he will be happy though

[6/19/12 12:18:20 AM] Me: ok good idea..just when ur kids crying over i birthday present i want to die ya know

[6/19/12 12:18:35 AM] Diana Patterson: I know i don’t have to i would right now if my ex didn’t take that money

[6/19/12 12:18:41 AM] Me: who knows how I’m gonna pay the rent anyway….

[6/19/12 12:18:54 AM] Me: can i shoot ur ex

[6/19/12 12:19:41 AM] Diana Patterson: I know i couldn’t get Jude anything this year …he us young but kept asking for presents

[6/19/12 12:19:45 AM] Me: 19th…rent was due on the 1st…

[6/19/12 12:19:52 AM] Me: aww

[6/19/12 12:20:01 AM] Me: it sucks being poor

[6/19/12 12:20:24 AM] Me: i hope when they grow up they realized how much they are loved.

[6/19/12 12:21:09 AM] Diana Patterson: Well when your homeless be your homeless shelter

[6/19/12 12:21:50 AM] Me: im headed in that direction.

[6/19/12 12:21:59 AM] Diana Patterson: I know ugh

[6/19/12 1:11:51 AM] Me: Ambien is no helping me sleep. I feelik I could run anywhere.

[6/19/12 1:13:37 AM] Diana Patterson: Run here lol

[6/19/12 1:14:20 AM] Me: Lol. Idk about. Maybe If u start runnin too ;)

[6/19/12 1:14:48 AM] Me: When are we gonna gave our sleep over movie night

[6/19/12 1:14:54 AM] Diana Patterson: Lol

[6/19/12 1:16:46 AM] Diana Patterson: Idk lol one if these Saturdays buy I’ll have to bring kids

[6/19/12 1:16:57 AM] Me: my kind size wed is comfy as fucj n I’m the only on who every sleeps in it…..maybe we could do like family families in the frontroom

[6/19/12 1:17:04 AM] Me: till kid so to sleep

[6/19/12 1:17:16 AM] Me: then real movie in my room after

[6/19/12 1:17:38 AM] Diana Patterson: Yeah

[6/19/12 1:17:57 AM] Me: i told caleb we are celebrated his bday with everyone on sat or sun

[6/19/12 1:18:03 AM] Me: sat night works

[6/19/12 1:20:37 AM] Diana Patterson: Just not this Saturday…..i think gizmo has cancer

[6/19/12 1:20:57 AM] Diana Patterson: Do it next Saturday

[6/19/12 1:21:18 AM] Me: oh no…yea caleb will cry again :(

[6/19/12 1:21:25 AM] Me: noy ur fault

[6/19/12 1:21:39 AM] Me: just hurts when i can fix it\

[6/19/12 1:21:48 AM] Diana Patterson: Or we can Sunday and all go to work Monday

[6/19/12 1:22:19 AM] Diana Patterson: Or we can Sunday and all go to work Monday

[6/19/12 1:23:05 AM] Diana Patterson: That hotel is already paid for no refunds i can’t do that lol

[6/19/12 1:23:06 AM] Me: Yea I want to see if I could get him a lil dinner. I’ll tall to Marie. She can always whip something up.

[6/19/12 1:23:36 AM] Diana Patterson: I would feel horrible terrible if i canceled

[6/19/12 1:23:46 AM] Me: Oh no don’t

[6/19/12 1:24:07 AM] Diana Patterson: So Sunday would be good then?

[6/19/12 1:25:36 AM] Me: Oooo can I come. Laden a. Hehehe

[6/19/12 2:23:55 AM] Me: I’m kissing kinking on. O

[6/19/12 2:24:09 AM] Me: I don’t want detailed.

[6/19/12 2:24:17 AM] Me:

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